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Camden Swimming Pool
I designed and painted this mural in 2010 -11. It was a open submission for all artists and mine was sucessful.

Art work Specifications. My submission and specifications.

Wall 1: 1.96m high x 17.4m long  
Wall 2: 1.96m high x 10.3m long = 20m2
Concept statement.
10 lanes of a 50m swimming pool.
I have sectioned the 2 walls into 3 parts, two at 10.3m x 1.96 and one 7.10x1.96. This will visually balance the length of the walls in relation to the height. I have introduced ideas of time, the present and historical events moving back and forth.
I have shown the 3 dimensional quality of the water because it is viewed from under, above and its horizon. To emphasise the time warp I bring the diving blocks back and forward. I have included humorous models representing different ages from the 1900s to today, with a balance of males and females. The flags represent a carnival atmosphere and connect the 3 different panels as one whole.
The cream wall denotes how space changes from inside the pool room, and then it moves outside to the historical river scene, including Camden, the Nepean River and some aspects of aboriginal times.
I plan to use clean, crisp colours keeping a poster-like feeling to the finished mural, in the style of old-style post cards or pub signs and a little pop art. The outside river scene will be more atmospheric and pastoral.

The river image is like “Little Sandy” and if community artists wish to be involved, more local native animals and birds will be included in the landscape. I am happy to work in collaboration with your team to refine this design to meet your needs.
My time frame and approach to the mural would be as follows

Gridding up size, establishing main colour areas
Creating landscapes and water patterns, drawing up figures and painting them, stencilling blocks, flags. Creating pastoral scene, figures animal’s birds. Finishing. I have budgeted this to be a 12 week project including design, collaboration, purchase of materials, studio preparation, painting of mural, finishing, cleaning.
My proposal does not include surface preparation or undercoating of the site. I would be lucky to do all this work in 12-13 weeks.

Engineering specifications.
If the wall is rendered in cement it would need 28 days to cure before undercoat is applied.  A smooth surface finish is preferred.
Paint life is stated by the manufactures’ of out door paint to be 15 years. Some of my murals have survived outside for over 20 years.
I have not budgeted for anti graffiti as the size of the mural, the time it would take me to execute and costs I would incur in travel and accommodation would make it unprofitable. The council usually has their own team who does this and have their own products. I would recommend a sacrificial anti graffiti coating rather then a permanent one as the coating goes milky with time and is very difficult to remove if future restoration work is needed. An occasional washing down with gentile soap  should keep it in good condition and paint has no known public risk on walls.

I always work with local volunteers and artists on my murals as it trains a local work force  and creates an exciting high profile project for the community. I need help on the first 2- 3 days to do string lines and undercoat and hopefully I can get some contacts locally.

Contractual conditions.
General standards and conditions
Copyright of the final artworks will remain with Camden Council. The artist will be acknowledged whenever and wherever possible in relation to the projects and the artworks. The artist will retain the right to use images in any non-commercial form on the condition that Camden Council is acknowledged as the commissioning body. The artist may exploit the in income generating media only on the written permission of Council. This permission will not be unreasonably with held.
I will abide to the above conditions.

I will be a independent contractor and I carry a $10million Public Liability Insurance.

A decision to go ahead that is given as soon as possible as I can then go ahead with finishing design work and doing studio preparation, purchase of materials and arranging my life to fit in. I would not work Wednesdays and Thursdays due to other commitments.
I would like to be on site by mid to late October, working through November to Christmas week. Weather conditions will affect work so flexibility is a necessity.

Computer generated design on site simulation
The work site was not ready for painting so more time was done in the studio, drawing up the mural to full scale on paper, mixing colours. I started on the wall in December 2010 in a rainy, windy week.I ended up building a shelter to paint under using tarps and a beach umbrella, which worked out very well, and spent up to Christmas break, painting the landscape panel. I stayed in a small flat near the site. The site was closed for over 2 weeks then I came back to continue work. The weather was ever changing, windy, rain, and then days of over 40degrees c. Like all murals it was a mental exercise to keep adjusting to tirednes, weather conditions and fulfilling obligations.The job was finished early March 2011.
Finished mural and on site
Studio Preparation. colour mixing drawing mural to scale