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Young Street,Carrington
We moved to Carrington in late 1976.We rented 108 for about 12 months before we brought it and lived in that side. We brought 104-6 a few years later as basically a shell, no working facilities the old tenants still washed their clothes in a copper.It had been a run down cafe the Rosdale cafe. I used the front as a studio and the back old kitchen and bathroom was Allen's darkroom.It had a old tin shed attached.It  was 14 years before I had the money to fix it up.These photos are after the last renovation and when my son Simon and I lived here. A upstairs bathroom was heaven after years of having to use a outdoor loo.
My first attempt at fixing up 104 was not very successful.I had the stud walls removed thinking about a large studio. But with out good night lights and water it was difficult to use.I had a couple of people rent it as cheap accommodation.
Studio at front of 104 Young St. The door on the left opened up to 108 which I also used as a studio. The door on right lead to old kitchen of cafe and small room, toilet and old shed.
view from studio 104
I certainly was a victim to mission brown, during these years.I never went for orange or lime green but had a few years addicted to pink and light blue. Mission brown was good in Carrington as it hid the coal dust. Everything had a layer of black dust.No matter how often you cleaned. I dreamed of a all white studio, but settled for white painted walls. The old grease from the Rosedale Cafe kept leaching through the walls. Had to finally strip it out with Caustic.My fears of poverty led me to make some very strange decisions about fixing up my 2 houses, I had been poor for so many years that spending large amounts was too hard for me.
looking up the steps
Looking down steps
The photos below were from about 1987-9 from 108 Young St.They are not of good quality but they show these years when Bev Fox shared our house with my son.
She was a very good friend and these days we have picked up our friendship again.We worked together on projects.Bev is a sign writer by profession .
When I have found and processed more images from Carrington I will be able to put this page into order. the walls were made from old horse hair and they did cracked badly during the earth quake. The ceiling were timber and yes eventually they were missioned browned. I was always able to make the house look ok with my paint brush and detail. My father had stripped back the stair case with patience and methio, his master carpenter